The Corbyn phenomenon – what happened and why.

Apologies, I’m a bit behind with these blog posts, but here’s a short blast on the results of the recent British General Election. Goodness. What an upset.  The predictions were that Corbyn and the Labour party would be slaughtered with Theresa May increasing her majority by at least 52 with

The British General Election: A sit rep

Instead of the usual, nothing much to report, events in the UK are moving quite speedily in this fair land. Indeed, quite a lot has been happening.  And, first of all, I want to say that regarding the tragedy in Manchester, I commend you to read George Monbiot’s recent article,

A General Election!

Well, well, well! I usually start my blog posts by saying nothing’s happening in the UK, and, with regard to exiting the EU, that’s probably still true.  Nothing’s happened.  Yet!  As a consequence, our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has taken it upon herself (and wow, was everyone blind-sided by this

Over the cliff we go

It’s happened, Article 50 is initiated.  And the long walk to the political suicide of a nation has begun. Well, by long walk, I mean it depends whether you think that two years from now we’ll have a trade agreement, and everything that we wanted to be ‘in control of’

The cultural revolution that’s just occurred – within which I’ve lost my identity

This is another situation report written as an overview for those of you who don’t get the detail on Brexit from their media that we do in the UK.  And, just like the last post there has been a great deal of activity, with many accompanying articles in the press,

False news or to put it this way, here’s something that is not news at all

This is a post about a very British problem known as ‘bed-blocking’.  I’ve just read yet another article on the crisis in social care. How older people are staying longer in hospital than they should because there is no ‘social care’ out there to allow them to return to their

Shining a light on the Donald

Yes, there was an election with a result.  Everyone is dismayed.  And everyone has an opinion.  I thought I’d let the dust settle before I wrote something.  Instead, I’ve read so many articles on what happened: it’s this, it’s that, it’s her, it’s him, it’s the populace, it’s the ‘basket

Our Executive has just had a smack in the face from not a European court but a British court – good.

Well, well, well. I had a half written post for you on Brexit, which would have been my usual caustic look at the somewhat chaotic approach that this government has to Brexit.  As in, one moment it’s going to be a Hard Brexit (week before last) and the next it’s

Corbyn and the political tribes of the not-particularly-United Kingdom

Whilst I was away in France I began a post, but by the time I got back it was well out-of-date as political events in the UK continue to move both slowly (our actual exit from the EU) and fairly fast (what people say about our exit). Before I get