My name is Penny and I’m an established fashion blogger (into my 3rd year). So why think of setting up and writing another blog? Well, this blog is where I aim to write about serious issues of our time in a more reflective manner.

The issues I aim to write about are likely to be current: such as the Syrian refugee situation and the movement of peoples around the world; Germany and why they have taken so many of these refugees; the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan; and the growth of IS or whatever it’s called these days. The NHS will also be covered now and then.

My background is that I had a somewhat eclectic career; first, nursing (for 10 years) then, unheard of now, a near 10-year break to have two children. During that break I got a 2.1 in International relations at Sussex Uni. The degree acted as a platform for a new career (at 40) and I worked in the voluntary sector in both a local and national capacity, After studying for an MA in health and social policy I worked as an evaluator and researcher for the University of Brighton and then became a freelance health and social policy consultant.

Now I’m retired it’s the politics and issues of the day that intrigue and dismay me. And I find the superficiality and bias of reporting frustrating. I want to dig deep into issues and understand the context, the why and how of the issue.

However, to some people who come upon this blog it might seem that I’m writing the blindingly obvious. If that’s so, let me explain. I aim to examine issues, so sometimes I’ll be setting out arguments and points that do seem simplistic or obvious, but writing is the way I learn, and moreover it’s the way I order my thoughts. At the moment I read and go tut-tut or tskk, or put up the link to the article on my Facebook page, or say to myself that’s awful, or ask someone ‘what do you think’ and then realise that the person either doesn’t know anything about the subject or worse, reads the Daily Mail (sorry, but…).

This is just not satisfying, so for me writing in this blog will be i) a discipline, ii) a way of ordering my thoughts on assorted subjects and iii) hopefully I may learn something.

I’m also hoping that people will comment – this will be most welcome as discussion can be both illuminating and informative. However, Daily Mail readers and trolls won’t be tolerated – hope that’s clear.

OK, off I go!